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Online Reviews

"Pi Bakerie is a hugely welcome addition to a part of town without a lot of good casual dining options.."

".. you'll find shelves teeming with traditional Hellenic cookies, breads and savory phyllo-wrapped pies."

"It's truly a bright spot in the neighborhood."

"...storefront might lead you to believe that this Greek cafe and bakery"

" ..bakeries to get a taste of Greece in New York City."

"..with the opening of Pi Bakerie, a lovely, lofty, sky-lit space that’s part counter-service café, part production facility"

"the Greek kitchen is endless, so there is always something to surprise them...."

"I can’t wait to go back and try more things, such as their custom yogurt bar – yum! "

"The original concept, says Katopodis, was to serve only round pies, both sweet and savory.."

"...Greek sweets like baklava and sour-cherry-swirled homemade yogurt."

"Greek oven feeding delicious pies eclectic neighborhood."

"’s one of my favorite places to grab a bite in Soho"

" Soho cafe and bakery run by Artopolis owners’ lovely daughter, Anthi."

"...a must-stop for pedestrians because of coffee drinks and Greek Frappe."

"Making tiropita with handmade phyllo dough and cheese at Pi Bakerie"

"the Soho shop offers traditional Greek pastries"