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Pi Bakerie draws on the experience and vast background of mediterranean culture, with its roots originating from Greece. Our recipes are carefully selected and date back to our ancestors. We have kept our recipes traditional and have added our own signature , This signature is unique as it draws from previous experience and recipes. Over the years we have perfected this in order to offer you the ultimate tasting experience. Our recipes come from various areas and regions of Greece as well as southern italy. Each region has its own culture and flavors, we fuse those flavors together with contemporary baking to bring you our heritage and our love for the mediterranean cuisine.


greek cuisine




The ingredients used in our recipes and flavors are carefully selected in order to bring you the best experience. We use the finest quality ingredients, because we believe that what we put into our recipes will reflect the outcome. We strive for authenticity and we believe that to create authentic recipes, we need authentic ingredients. Pi Bakerie welcomes you to its world of unique flavors.


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